Self-touring is apartment viewing for the 21st century.

Occupi is a NYC based platform that makes it simple to move web traffic to foot traffic.

  • SAFE Identity verification
  • Smart Electronic Lockbox with Single-Use Access Codes
  • EasySend Link to Self-Tour Booking Page
  • Text-Based Feedback
  • Metrics Dashboards

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You're moments away from checking out your new spot.

Occupi is a NYC self-service free apartment touring platform that lets you decide when you get to see an apartment.

  • Book your self-tour.
  • Verify your ID to confirm (you'll only have to do this once).
  • We'll text you a code to be used in a key lockbox at the location.
  • Let yourself in and enjoy a 1-hour self-tour.
  • Book more self-tours as needed.

Autonomous, Safe, Contactless Apartment tours for the 21st century, welcome to Occupi.

  • Fast
  • 100% Free
  • Instant Access
  • See Apartments Now

No more office key runs.

Occupi is a NYC self-service platform that makes showings a breeze.

  • Select the date/time that works for you and your client.
  • We'll text you a code to be used in a key lockbox outside.
  • Let your clients in and show them their new home.

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